Club Sandwiches and Bloody Marys

Jurassic Park holds up.

College football is back. As dedicated readers of The Loop know, I moved to Ann Arbor in the summer of 2020 (which resulted in a nice little tax break for Three Point Four Media—it’s not Delaware, OK, but it’s not New York City either). This is the first fall that we’ve had students and football games with people in the stands. We live a half mile from The Big House, which can seat 107,000 people when Michigan is good (they are not) and there are quite a few more people who just mill around, drink cans of light beer, play cornhole, and watch the game on a flat screen sitting in the back of a lifted F-150.

Which is a long way of saying: it’s starting to feel like a college town around here. I went for a run Saturday morning to both put out and take in the vibe and, well, it was exactly what college football should be: teenagers getting open container tickets at 9:37 am, children in full maize and blue their fathers forced them to wear, the distant sound of a marching band, the persistent smell of charcoal, and a lot of Charles Woodson jerseys. Me? I slow roasted a boneless turkey breast Friday afternoon and made mammoth club sandwiches right before kickoff Saturday to enjoy in the comfort of my own home with a Bloody Mary while the game blared from the TV.

Onto the links.

A Movie

The Jurassic Park trilogy is streaming on HBO Max. (There are too many streaming services, which is why I’ll never watch Ted Lasso. We’re an HBO Max family, I guess?) It’s as good as an adolescent Billy Bradley thought in the 90s. Goldblum doesn’t play as big a role as some might remember—but he does tie his own tourniquet after he’s nearly killed by a T-Rex. Samuel L. Jackson’s "Hold onto your butts” line remains iconic. The outfits are most excellent. Might start wearing a bandana around my neck on Zoom.


A Project

Well, folks: we’ve got a few things in the works. Testing, QA, soft launch, what have you. That thing we said was launching before Labor Day? End of September now. That’s how it goes. Gotta get things right. More soon.


A Book

Both my business partner and my life partner are excellent—some might say prolific—readers. In late 2020 and the first five months of this year I got into a really good rhythm of reading two or three books a month. But since early June I’ve struggled to pick up a book and finish it. I just read the newspaper, mostly. Maybe it’s time I finally pick up Jack Reacher to fix what ails me.


A Complaint

Derek Jeter was inducted into the Hall of Fame this week. Lou Whitaker has a higher career WAR. Just pointing this out.


An Article

The Big Money Behind the Big Lie

I finally read Jane Mayer’s big story from early August about all the dark money flowing into the #stopthesteal movement. And, like all her reporting, it’s equal parts demoralizing and terrifying. As with everything in our current political situation, we have the landmark 2010 Citizens United case to thank.


A Run

I’m doing a Half Ironman™️ tomorrow. Expect a full race report soon.

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